14 June 2011

Strawberry Hill House Contact / Wednesday, 08 June 2011

Hi we just added you in to our favourites pages. Is a space we´ve been developing to do an accurate research of all about gothic literature Horace Walpole among other topics

Gothic Soul † Mind & Heart
‎- Germanic persons - Late Medieval art - Romanticism - Goth subculture - Typefaces (frakture, black letter) - Gothic means "related to the Goths." - Gothic or Goth may also refer to: - Germanic persons - Goths, the ethnonym of a group of East Germanic t...
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Strawberry Hill House Hi Nay, Thanks for getting in touch. We run a Gothic Book Club here at Strawberry Hill - details on the website if you're interested in getting involved! Good luck with your project too!
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Nay Rabenschwarz Hi, On the contrary thank a million for your kind reply. As well as for let me knew about your Gothic Book Club, sounds splendid I´ll review all details on your website rigth now, because I am deeply interested. Thank you again and good luck too with all your projects. Best regards!
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