21 June 2011

New activity here soon please stay tuned - Cyber gothic Music Junkie Library. / Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Gothic Soul † Mind & Heart
Would like to invite you to our second brand new activity here which it´s calls cyber gothic Music Junkie Library. The main idea is to build all together a library with all the profiles of our most beloved bands. So please let me know which band will u like to develop their musical history.

The bands have been chosen so far by our fans are:

GOTH FAN - Emmanuel will carrying on 
The Wake
Rosetta Stone
Children On Stun

GOTH FAN - Minnie will carrying on
Sopor Aeternus
Sister of Mercy
also we would have the pleasure to know more about Minnie´s work
cause maybe u didn´t know our dear friend is a neoclassical darkwave musician, so we really looking forward to hearing from her

GOTH FAN - Nay will carrying on
The Fields of Nephilim
Pink turn Blue
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

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