16 June 2011

Carl McCoy Fields of the Nephilim / Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Born -London, United Kingdom
Genresgothic rock, gothic metal, death metal, industrial metal
Occupationssinger, owner of graphics company Sheerfaith
Years activeLabelsBeggars Banquet, Jungle Records, Situation Two Records
Associated actsFields of the Nephilim, 
Nefilim Websitewww.fields-of-the-nephilim.com

The band formed in the 1984. Following on from two EPs, their first album Dawnrazor was released in 1987. They produced two more full-length albums, The Nephilim and Elizium, plus a live album called Earth Inferno and a handful of singles, before splitting in 1991. McCoy went on to form Nefilim. The 1996 release of Nefilim's album Zoon saw a departure from the ethereal gothic sound of Elizium in favour of anindustrial metal and death metal direction.[1]
McCoy's most recent album, Mourning Sun, was released in 2005. Although it was released under the name Fields of the Nephilim, McCoy has been secretive about the musicians who play on Mourning Sun, though it appears none of the other original band members contributed. The album was written and recorded in near-total isolation in a mobile studio called the Ice Cage.
McCoy is well known for his mystical and occult-based lyrics and beliefs. His works often make reference Aleister Crowley, although he is not publicly a follower of Crowley's Thelema religion. Clay disc recordings of Crowley's voice can be heard on a handful of Fields of the Nephilim songs, specifically on Elizium;[1] one of Fields of the Nephilim's biggest hits, "Moonchild", shares a name with one of Crowley's novels.
In interviews, McCoy has hinted that he sees his on-stage performances as theurgic, magickal or shamanic workings.[citation needed] He is also an admirer of Austin Osman Spare (taking the name of the Fields of the Nephilim live album Earth Inferno from a work by Spare) and has thanked "AOS" in dedications on his albums. In another nod to Chaos magic, Fields of the Nephilim's song Psychonaut shares its name with a book on the subject by Peter J. Carroll, and quotes lines from the Necronomicon.
McCoy owns a graphics company, Sheerfaith, which has supplied art and design for all of his musical projects. Sheerfaith has also produced artwork for other projects, such as for the Storm Constantine bookHermetech and Andrew Collins' 21st Century Grail.
McCoy appeared as the nomad in the motion picture Hardware (1990), directed by Richard Stanley.[2] who had previously directed a number of videos for Fields of the Nephilim.
He has two daughters, Scarlett and Eden, with his long-time partner Lynn. He also has a godson named Jack. The Nefilim's 1996 album Zoon was dedicated to Scarlett. Both girls sing on Mourning Sun. McCoy comes from a religious background; He grew up in England with his mother, who was deeply religious, a Jehovah's Witness.[1] McCoy later dealt with his relation to Christianity critically in some of his songs such as "Chord of Souls".[1]
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Carl McCoy was born in Lambeth, London, and grew up in nearby Brixton.

He is a co founder of Gothic Rock band, Fields of the Nephilim. He was lead singer, lyric writer, co composer and artist from 1984 to 1991. In 1992, he left Fields of the Nephilim to form a new band called "The Nefilim"; meanwhile, the rest of the band hired a new lead singer and became "Rubicon". "The Nefilim" released one album and one single in 1996, before Carl fell out with the record label "Beggars Banquet" over tour plans and band presentation. "Rubicon" released two albums and some singles. Carl briefly resurrected the original line up of Fields of the Nephilim for an ill-fated reunion between 1997 to 1998, before musical differences once again divided the band. From 2003 to present, Carl McCoy has been recording and performing as Fields of the Nephilim, accompanied by a new band line up. To date, Fields of the Nephilim have released two EPs, several albums, a live album, a best of album, several singles, a collection of their promo videos, two VHS concert videos, and a DVD. A new live DVD and CD was in the pipeline in August 2010.

Alongside his long time partner, Lynn, Carl works as Sheerfaith. Sheerfaith produce artwork, graphic design, animation, sound production and related creative services. Sheerfaith have also been responsible for a number of different pieces of artwork and graphic design for FOTN and Nefilim releases, as well as for band merchandise and the official FOTN web site.

Carl McCoy had a cameo role in the 1990 horror film "Hardware", written and directed by his friend Richard Stanley. Richard also directed the first two Fields of the Nephilim promo videos, Preacherman and Blue Water, as well as assisted with the bands distinctive western look. More recently, Richard has recorded numerous Fields of the Nephilim concerts for a proposed DVD entitled "Ceremonies".

Carl also assisted on the 2000 film "The 13th Sign", by voicing the villain (Dravel), operating the second assistant camera (as Sheerfaith), and by providing the closing credits music (Darkcell AD).

Having shown an interest in the occult from a young age, Carl has his own occult order known as the Order of the 24th Moment.

Carl McCoy has a partner called Lynn, and two daughters, Scarlett and Eden.

He lives in England.

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