7 July 2011

T H E - U N C A N N Y - B Y - DAVID PUNTER / Wednesday, 06 July 2011

It is conventional - and perhaps inescapable - to begin any consideration of the concept of the ¨ uncanny ¨ by referring to Freud´s essay under the title of 1919. Before doing so, however, it is worth recording some of the meanings ascribed to the word in the Oxford English Dictionary, which include ( mischievous, malicious, careless, incautious , unreliable, not to be trusted, partaking of the supernatural character and mysterious, weird, uncomfortably strange of unfamiliar).The earliest usage of the word recorded in the OED is in 1596; but it is last sense on which Freud picks up,and which provides the clearest link to the Gothic.

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