26 July 2011

Dominik Moll’s Le Moine (The Monk) Friday, 15 July 2011

Dominik Moll’s The Monk, released in Spain on June 24, is released in France today and the signs so far are good. Let’s just hope that it gets a wider release. The main cast includes Vincent Cassel (Ambrosio), Deborah Francois (Valerio), Josephine Japy (Antonia), Sergi Lopez, Catherine Mouchet (Elvira), Geraldine Chaplin (apparently playing a wonderfully ferocious Abbess) , Roxane Duran (Agnes), Frederic Noaille (Lorenzo). You’ll notice that the name ‘Mattilda’ does not appear – I’m guessing this is ‘Valerio’ in the film adaptation. According to Screen Daily, ‘three quarters of the film are delectably creepy with a druggy soupcon of camp propelled by a feel-unease-NOW score’.
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