26 July 2011

G O T H I C - G A L L E R Y - GOTHIC SOUL MING & HEART - PRECIOUS COMMENTS FROM FANS / Wednesday, 20 July 2011 at 19:45

Nay Rabenschwarz
Hi! Thanks a million for visiting my page. Also I returned the favor of adding your page on my favourites too, Greetings 19 July 2011
  • Robert Parry, author page likes this.
    • Nay Rabenschwarz Just one more thing is a pleasure to meet you and Tudor and Elizabethan history, Victorian Gothic and Pre-Raphaelite art all this topics are truly my cup of tea!

    •  Robert Parry, author page Thank you, Nay! The Gothic pages you have made here on Facebook are a delight. 

    • Nay Rabenschwarz On the contrary thanks a lot for your kind words Robert! also I appreciate a lot your opinion and I´m so glad you like Gothic Soul Mind & Heart Y

    • Nay Rabenschwarz We really looking forward to hearing from u on the page it will an honor!

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