7 July 2011

THE SUBLIME BY FRED BOTTING / Friday, 24 June 2011

Hurd´s argument in favour of judging cultural productions according to the rules employed in the their composition, and his case for a very different ser of poetic values in which imagination and genius come to the fore and nature becomes the source of inspiration,can be aligned with changing attitudes to the relationship of art and nature. Natural scenery, for example, was being perceived differently. Mountains, one considered as ugly blemishes, deformities disfiguring the proportions of a world that ideally should be uniform, flat and symmetrical began to be seen with eyes pleased by their irregularity, diversity and scale. The pleasure arose from the range of intense and uplifting emotions that mountainous scenery evoked in the viewer. Wonder, awe, horror and joy were the emotions believed to expand or elevate the soul and the imagination with a sense of power and infinity. Mountains were foremost objects of the natural sublime.... I will continue typing the hall chapter of sublime from the book GOTHIC by Fred Botting > please just be patience ;)

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