26 August 2011

Knights Weapons Thursday, 25 August 2011

The weapons used in the Middle Ages ( Medieval period ) by Knights
Different Types of Knights WeaponsSkill in the use of Medieval weapons and understanding the strategy of Medieval Warfare was necessary and a played a vital part in Medieval life of a knight. Knights Weapons included the following devices. Facts and information about all of the above Knights Weapons can be accessed by clicking one of the following links:

Medieval Swords
Falchion sword 

Basic, short description of Knights WeaponsThe next descriptions provides basic information about each of the knights weapons:
  • Daggers - Short pointed knives

  • Flail - A jointed weapon consisting of a spiked or knobbed steel head joined by a chain to 
    a short wood handle
  • Maces - Maces developed from a steel ball on a wooden handle, to an elaborately spiked steel war club
  • Lance - A long, strong, spear-like weapon. Designed for use on horseback
  • Swords - A variety of different types of swords were used as Knights weapons
Knights Weapons TrainingSkill in the use of Medieval weapons and understanding the strategy of Medieval Warfare was necessary and a played a vital part in Medieval life. Knights weapons training required a long an arduous training period spreading over at least a fourteen year period and through their training as a page then a squire and eventually a knight. All of the Knights weapons required a high degree of skill and expertise together with strength and agility. Knights weapons training was therefore an extremely aspect of a Medieval knight during the Middle Ages. Various training methods were applied to suit each of the Knights weapons. Training in the use of the lance was practised at the Quintain and included tilting and "Running at the Rings". Training in the use of swords and other close combat weapons were practised at the Pell. Knights weapons training even extended into a game - Pell Mell! Facts and information about each of this training are described via the links detailed below
Pell Training
Pell Mell
The importance of the Medieval Knights WeaponsThe Middle Ages was an extremely violent era in history featuring battles in both Europe and the Holy Land when the crusades, and the crusaders who fought them, were numerous. Feudal Lords and Knights used such weapons as swords, lances, daggers and battle axes in different types of warfare. The quest for power led to invasions of lands and territories which had to be fought for. Siege warfare, waged to win a castle or a walled town or city, was a frequent occurrence during the Middle Ages. Warfare during the Middle Ages, or Medieval era called for a variety of weapon expertise. Knights and men-at-arms ( foot soldiers, or archers ) used different types of weapons. The Knights Weapons, their armor and their horses were extremely expensive - the fighting power of just one knight was worth 10 ordinary soldiers.

Knights Weapons
Each section of Middle Ages Weapons provides interesting facts and information about Medieval warfare in addition to the Knights Weapons. The Sitemap provides full details of all of the information and facts provided about the fascinating subject of the Medieval period of the Middle Ages!

Knights Weapons
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