26 August 2011

Chivalric Ideals Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Value: The knights must endure personal sacrifices to serve the ideals and the needy. This involves choosing costa.El keep truth at all value does not mean being stupid arrogant, but be willing to do right.These characters were of great value, capable of fighting with great courage against superior beings that kept people from the villages terrorized. The Knights were able to confront people with greater ability to fight, without measuring consecuencias.Por example: making Valencia Pedro Bermudez, Alvarez y Muñoz Guzto Fañez heroically fighting against an army much larger than themselves.

Defense: The knights swore when they were promoted, to defend their lords and ladies, their families, their nation, widows and orphans, and the Church. In defense of these ideals and individuals.

Faith: The gentlemen had a strong faith in God allowed them to carry out a lifetime of sacrifice and temptations, giving them strong roots and hope against the evil in the world. For example: El Cid always before a battle, prayed to God and He knew that success depended on luck.

Humility: The humble gentlemen were the first to tell the others when carrying out acts of great heroism, giving them the honor they deserve for their good deeds. Leaving or others who congratulated them on their own facts and these are offered to God. This is one of the salient features of a caballero.Por example: El Cid always attributed the success of the battles to the courage of their soldiers and the riches earned proportionally distributed.

Justice: For the guys was very important to seek the truth above all, the Knights did not seek personal gain.Justice untempered by mercy can bring grief, however. Justice sought by the knights without bending to the temptation was used by them. For example: El Cid may well have killed the infants Carrión but preferred to do a trial and just punishment.

Generosity: Generosity was a hallmark of a gentleman. To counter the weakness of greed, the Knights were as abundant as their resources allow. A generous gentleman can walk better line between mercy and justice fría.Por example: El Cid divided the assets of battles won and it was generous to the defeated enemies as Count Berenguer.

Temperance: The gentleman was accustomed to eat and drink in moderation. In addition, the gentleman should be moderate with his wealth, this did not mean to abstain from them but do not use vain. Without self-control could not maintain the honor of knighthood. The gentleman should restrain their sexual appetites.

Loyalty: The good knights swore fervently defend their ideals, the Church and their masters, they would give their lives to defend them. For example: El Cid may well have fought and defeated King Alfonso, but he was loyal and followed their orders of banishment.

Nobility: Nobility is the principle of courtesy. And so the knights had to be polite, honest, estimable, generous and illustrious equitable to all developed and maintained while a noble character with the ideals of chivalry. A gentleman is always a role model.

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